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Vacuum clamping systems bankmaster ® by DOSCORNIO® SPECIAL TOOLS


Efficient vacuum clamping systems for the workbench and single working stations. Vacuum suction holders. Vacuum pumps. Productivity increase for metal and wood industries in using bankmaster® vacuum clamping systems: efficient holding of work pieces. Even work pieces with delicate surfaces can be clamped safely and fast with bankmaster® vacuum clamping systems.


Whenever work pieces, construction elements and components have to be clamped fast and safely, the vacuum technology offers an optimal solution for safe holding.


With the help of bankmaster® vacuum clamping systems even work pieces with sensitive surface, e.g. stainless steel, can be clamped fast and without damage. In split second the work pieces can be fixed safely on or be disconnected from the vacuum plates. Both hands are free for handling and installation tasks that can be performed in an ergonomic optimal working position. Optional the vacuum plates can be delivered in the version endless rotatable.


The principle is as ingenious as simple: The vacuum is made by a handy vacuum pump and guided to the vacuum plates. If a work piece is applied to the suction plates, a small valve will clear the way to the vacuum and the work piece will be sucked immediately. For dismantling the work piece, the vacuum is interrupted at the push of a button or by foot pedal and the patented vacuum plates release the work piece promptly. With vacuum plates in different sizes can be clamped very small and also huge work pieces. The handling time can be reduced with this system up to 30 % and brings so an explicit cost advantage.


Another advantage of the bankmaster® vacuum clamping systems is that all devices adhere at the workbench or on the bottom of the garage: No need to screw or dowel. This means best mobility in the shop or on the site. The applications are very multifunctional. The devices are used successfully in the following application areas:


> wood working
> metal working
> interior fittings
> trade fair construction
> aircraft industry
> instrument construction
…. and many more


The product range of DOSCORNIO® SPECIAL TOOLS contains vacuum clamping systems for different applications. The vacuum systems are deliverable in numerous sizes, from devices for workbenches to complete column systems. The vacuum pump is equipped as standard for all systems.